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As parents, we always strive to provide the best support and resources for our children's academic success.


When it comes to enhancing their learning experience, two prevalent approaches come to mind: tutoring and academic coaching.


While both methods aim to assist students in their academic endeavors, it's vital to recognize the fundamental differences between them. 

Tutoring is a traditional approach focused on grade-level academic content reinforcement, while academic coaching is an innovative approach to learning which emphasizes building executive function skills, learning skills, and applying research-based strategies and tactics to foster your child's independence as a strong learner.


As parents, consider exploring academic coaching as an investment in your child's future. It provides them with the necessary skills to become strong, independent learners, ready to face challenges with confidence.

With its growing popularity worldwide, academic coaching is revolutionizing the way students approach learning, paving the way for lifelong success and personal growth.

Your child's academic coaching journey could start with as little as 2 individual coaching hours or, if you prefer bigger change and development for your child, an individual Academic Coaching Program.


Your child's initial Learning Skills Assessment is a guideline as to the ideal number of coaching hours (and focus areas) best suited to your child's needs and goals.


However, as a parent, you always have the final say in the number of coaching hours your child is signed up for.

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