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What you do NOW makes a big difference later.

At Academic Coaches, we understand the value of starting early.

While we firmly believe in the benefits of play and 'allowing children to be children', we also firmly believe in putting the foundational building blocks in place as soon as possible, ensuring a learner's future academic success for the long term.

Our belief:

- Every learner should be enabled to claim their independence as a learner.

- Every learner should dream of becoming an astronaut (dream BIG!); their choice whether they want to pursue that dream one day, or not.

Our premium early academic coaching program for 5 - 7 year-olds harness the incredible power of a premium suite of internationally recognised methodologies, assessments, programs and tools - all supported by years of formal research and development.

Our Early Academic Readiness Program focus on building stronger executive function and learning skills, strategies and tactics from an early age, giving your child the confidence to become a strong, independent learner early on.

The programs focus on the following foundational development areas, with a critical view on future academic success, and incorporates four premium development programs:






Give your child a head start with:

Early Reading- and Language Skills development

Did you know that staying on beat (different from keeping a rhythm) will have a direct influence on a child's reading- and language development ability? BEATBats™ is a fun, intense program to develop early reading- and language skills.

Program: BEATBats


Attention Span and Focus development

Develop and strengthen attention span, focus and inhibitory control.

Program: BrainLeap


Problem Solving and Planning Skills development

Develop the creative side to complex problem solving, with a direct impact on math skills development.

Program: BRICKSRx


Processing and Memory Skills development

Strengthen the underlying skills a child relies on to optimally learn and retain information.

Program: OPTI-start

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