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Are you passionate about equipping your students with the skills they need to thrive independently? Or looking for ways to develop your teaching staff?

Look no further!

We're excited to introduce our Academic Coaches programs and support services, designed specifically to further educators' knowledge about the learning process, and empower parents in nurturing their child's journey to becoming a STRONG, INDEPENDENT LEARNER.


By partnering with us, you can offer educators and parents a comprehensive solution that combines personalized guidance, tailored resources, and expert strategies to cultivate independence and foster a love for learning. 

Want to help your learners develop and strengthen the FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS FOR READING?

We're excited to introduce you to BEATBats™ our Language- and Reading Skills Development program specifically developed for pre-, primary- and high schools! 

Click on the link above or image below for info on this groundbreaking program and learn how it can help your students:




Through our WORKSHOPS AND WEBINARS for educators, parents and learners, we try to cover a wide range of relevant topics, which include, for example:

  • Understanding reading struggles

  • Understanding Attention & Focus struggles

  • Supporting the shift from Grade 3 to Grade 4

  • Research based Study Tip, Tactics and Strategies

  • Understanding the teenage brain

  • Critical thinking skills of the future

  • Neuroplasticity explained

  • ADHD in the classroom

  • Making the transition for primary- to high school

  • Getting ready for tertiary studies

  • Motivational- and Performance workshops for teachers, students and parents

  • Etc.

Logo, slogan and image of the BEATBats program.
Math teacher standing in front of a writing board.
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