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While tutoring or applying a specific study method can be highly effective, often students don't show any long term progress by becoming an independent learner.

That's why, at Academic Coaches, we don't tutor or teach you yet another study method but rather focus on the underlying academic and  Executive Function skills required for learning, develop these, and allow our learners the opportunity to become independent learners.


Our Academic Coaching journey starts at the age of 5 and support all aspects of an academic journey up to the age of 70 and beyond.

Our focused coaching programs are time based with a definite start- and end date to a learner's program - unlike tutoring where a learner's need for tutoring is usually ongoing.

That is why we always start off with an individual (non-academic) Learning Skills assessment. This provides us fundamental insights as to how we can best support each learner.


Why specifically test non-academic Learning Skills


Executive Function skills play a crucial role in every child's learning journey. 
Executive Function skills are like the superheroes of the brain, enabling your child to plan, organize, manage time, set goals, and stay focused. These skills are the building blocks for success in academics and beyond! 


By determining which Executive Function skill(s) might be weak and developing strong Executive Function skills, your child can become a master of self-regulation, effectively handling distractions, and staying on track.


They'll have the ability to solve problems, think critically, and adapt to new challenges with ease. 

That's why our comprehensive programs are designed to test and nurture these skills, empowering your child to become a confident, independent learner. 

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