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Welcome to the OPTI-start™ program: Nurturing Young Minds for Academic Excellence!™

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey that will lay the foundation for your child's future academic success?


OPTI-start™ is tailored to children age 5 to 7, focusing on the crucial skills of Processing Speed and Memory development.

These skills are like building blocks for a strong educational foundation, and we're here to provide the optimal environment for their growth.

Why Processing Speed and Memory Development Matter
At this tender age, children's minds are like sponges, absorbing information at an astonishing rate. Our program recognizes the importance of nurturing their learning abilities early on.

Processing Speed refers to the brain's ability to quickly take in and understand information, while Memory is the key to retaining and recalling what's learned.

Preparing for Academic Demands
We understand that the academic journey can be demanding, even for young learners. That's why we believe in equipping children with essential skills right from the start.


By focusing on Processing Speed and Memory development, we're setting the stage for a smoother transition into more complex academic tasks.

Building the Right Habits
One of the most remarkable aspects of this program is the emphasis on cultivating effective learning habits from the beginning.

By doing so, we eliminate the need for the often challenging process of unlearning incorrect methods.


Our carefully designed curriculum ensures that children develop the right techniques, ensuring their success is built on a solid foundation.

Cheerful smiling little boy with big backpack jumping and having fun against blue wall. Lo

 Engaging Activities: OPTI-start™ incorporates interactive and engaging activities that captivate young minds. Through games, puzzles, and interactive exercises, children naturally improve their Processing speed and memory.

Play-Based Learning: We believe in the power of play. Our program curriculum seamlessly integrates learning with playtime, making education a fun and enjoyable experience.

Repetition and Practice: Repetition is the key to memory. Our program includes a structured approach to practicing skills, ensuring that concepts are reinforced and retained.

Multisensory Learning: We understand that each child learns differently. Our approach incorporates various senses to enhance memory retention and processing speed.

Positive Reinforcement: Encouragement and positive reinforcement are essential for young learners. Our coaches provide the support and motivation children need to excel.

By enrolling your child in the OPTI-start program™, you're providing them with a unique opportunity to develop essential learning skills that will serve as the building blocks of their entire academic journey. Our holistic approach ensures that they not only learn effectively but also enjoy the process.

Invest in your child's future today and witness the remarkable transformation that comes from a strong foundation in Processing Speed and Memory development.

Together, let's pave the way for a lifetime of academic excellence.

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