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BEATBats™ is a non-academic early reading- and language skills development program – from beat to read.

The focus is on developing the underlying brain skills for reading and language development with our Get on Beat to Read Program™.

It's fun, intense, affordable, effective and specifically developed as an in-school or after-school program.

International research confirms that staying on beat (different from keeping a rhythm) will have a direct influence on a learner's reading and language development ability.


Language is based on rhythm – every aspect of the spoken language is supported by a rhythm based delivery, making language easier to interpret and understand. (SOUND GRIPS)

Reading, and therefore words, are beat based. We are required at school to break words down into syllables; this is an exercise supported by vocabulary directed beat. (SYLLABLES) 

Did you know that individual differences in beat synchronization shows considerable variability in child populations, across all ages, and individual differences in beat synchronization are reliably related to reading development and the development of language skills. 


In short, not being able to stay on beat - beat and not rhythm, will have a direct influence on a child’s reading and language development ability.

Further studies show that children with Developmental Dyslexia and ADHD show impairments in motor timing, rhythm detection and beat perception or rather beat synchronization.

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